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repairs & restorations

Written repair estimates are available by appointment. Services may be chosen al a carte based on our recommendations. All instrument work is done in-house. Please set an appointment to speak with our violin and bow repair technician.

Bow Repair & Rehairing

Bows should be rehaired at least once a year to ensure the hair is fresh and performs well! If your bow has been sitting unused for any period of time, schedule an assessment as hair can become brittle and susceptible to bow mites.



If you have an instrument or bow for sale, we can offer you advice on the best method of sale. In some cases, we may offer direct purchase. Instruments may be consigned with us for a maximum commission of 25% of the sale price. Commission rates will be reduced for higher valued instruments. Instruments must be in good repair to be listed for sale.

If they require work to be done, the repairs must be paid for before the instrument will be put up for sale. If the instrument is repaired, the sale commission will be capped at 20%.


Verbal appraisals are available by appointment starting at $30. If an instrument is valued less than $100, there will be no charge for the evaluation. If you choose to have an instrument repaired by us or sold by us on consignment, the fee would be taken off your repair bill or consignment commission.

Written appraisals by the owner are available starting at $75 for instruments valued up to $10,000. Extra fees may apply if there is significant research time involved.


lessons & Instruments

Interested in violin, viola, cello, and piano lessons? We offer private, group, and in-home lessons! Contact us to schedule your first lesson. We also sell string instruments online - shop our selection.


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