From dancing with your baby to hearing the notes of your child's first composition, Kindermusik is that one special place where you and your child can play, sing, dance, and giggle together. A trained, licensed Kindermusik educator joyfully guides the class from activity to the next and helps you understand what your child is learning musically, cognitively, and developmentally. Classes are for ages 0 months - 7 years for only $50/month!

Because we know you are your child's best teacher, your Kindermusik enrollment includes home materials to extend the magic of a Kindermusik class into your home throughout the week. With each class, families receive many developmentally appropriate activities that will give children a lifelong love of music and a strong, early foundation for learning. 

Class Tiers Per Age


0 - 12 Months
Did you know sound recognition begins in the womb? We'll explore and react to new sounds, objects, and movements. Plus, parents and their caregivers heighten connections with their babies by learning bonding techniques.

Class Schedule:
Mondays at 10AM & 5PM

Level 1

12 - 24 Months
Give your little one extra confidence to move, groove, and speak! Level 1 classes allow young toddlers to explore new movements, objects, and words, while learning basic music concepts. Families also discover how to create daily music routines.

Class Schedule:
Mondays at 10AM & 5:30PM

Level 2

2 - 3 Years
Older toddlers have tons of energy and curiosity. Level 2 classes are for exploring creativity and enhancing cognitive development through singing, dancing, and instrument play, while adults learn how to help unpack big emotions with music.

Class Schedule:
Thursdays at 5PM

Level 3

3 - 5 Years
Did you know preschoolers have a natural love of music? Level 3 classes use music to boost language skills, confidence, social-emotional skills, self-control, and more. Parents and caregivers join a portion of each class to participate in music-making.

Class Schedule:
Thursdays at 4PM


5 - 7 Years
When kids learn big concepts in groups, it’s more likely to stick. This class introduces music notation, new and complex instruments, and different genres of music. Kids participate in ensembles while improving their problem-solving and pre-literacy skills.

Class Schedule:
Thursdays at 4:30PM

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