animal adventures

This private music lesson program for ages 2-6 gives students a head start in music in a FUN way! Unlike other music lessons for students this age, this program by Animal Adventures in Music teaches a robust, comprehensive curriculum, covering topics from rhythm to note reading to instrument introduction and exposure, all through games, activities, and fun weekly homework!

Lessons in an individual, one-to-one format (one teacher, one student) give students the ability to move at their own pace and explore their own interests. The private one-to-one feel of the program ensures that no child is going to be rushed to grasp a concept and they can take their time exploring the world of music and have a blast while doing it!

We chose this curriculum because not only does it teach kids the basics of music theory, it also tells engaging stories. While learning about the mouthpiece of the flute, students are simultaneously working with Bianca the Bee to find the missing flute pieces stolen by some pesky ants.

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