Giardinelli GTB-300 Student Trombone


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The Giardinelli GTB-300 trombone is a solidly constructed student to intermediate instrument intended to give the learning musician an affordable instrument to develop their skills on. Built with quality materials and craftsmanship that ensure it will withstand the rigorous student treatment an introductory instrument can sometimes undergo, the Giardinelli GTB-300 features an annealed rose brass bell and main tuning slide helping to produce a warm rich tone. Nickel silver main tuning slide receivers is used to help prevent the slide from getting stuck. A gold brass Venturi tube helps to center the notes when playing. The GTB-300 trombone is available in clear lacquer finish and includes a molded ABS case and a mouthpiece.

​This instrument is used, but in like-new condition and is ready to go!